Income Protection Insurance for Doctors

Employees obtain income protection insurance to protect themselves from the financial consequences of workplace injury. While this insurance provides the same kind of protection to all types of insurance holders, coverage varies greatly by profession. For instance, construction workers enjoy a different type of coverage compared to office workers.

One of the most complex kinds of coverage is income protection insurance for doctors. The reason is obvious. Doctors, after all, face unique risks every day. Unlike construction workers who are exposed to predictable risks, such as falling from height and inhaling cement dust, doctors are exposed to a myriad health hazards, including needle-stick injury, airborne diseases, and splash back.

Each of the injuries or illnesses a doctor can acquire while in service must have a unique coverage as these may lead to long-term disability. For instance, if a doctor accidentally inhaled or swallowed blood from a patient with contagious disease, that single incident may entail several weeks or even months of unpaid sick leave.

There’s nothing more stressful than contracting an illness without a dependable source of income. In the case of doctors who fall ill while in the line of duty, the accompanying stress may worsen their condition. Fortunately, with income protection insurance, doctors can focus on their recovery without having to worry about how they can make it through a long period of unpaid rest.



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